The environment of my therapy practice is inspired by the beauty of Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, which is located only moments away.

Surrounded by trees, the cottage is
designed as an informal setting, which is
conducive both to traditional talk therapy, as well
as to “walk and talk” therapy in the park and the
surrounding area. Closer to nature than most traditional
settings, the cottage also provides an excellent place to
practice meditation and other mindfulness skills
in therapy and is especially useful for those
struggling with anxiety, stress or depression.

The space also includes an outdoor labyrinth. A labyrinth is a single path that is walked for personal, psychological or spiritual growth – an ancient tool that has been used to encourage self exploration. Clients may walk the labyrinth before or after their session for centering, reflection,
and as a way to listen to their own inner wisdom.

This informal setting provides both a beautiful and peaceful environment in which to do therapy.

Quiet Waters Center
Outdoor Office

Outdoor Office

QWC Labryrinth